Valentine’s Day Fire Safety Tips

Don’t Let Your Love Burn Too Hot This Valentine’s

We know Valentine's day is all about showing that special someone your burning and fiery passion for them, but here are a few tips from us so that your rekindling romance doesn’t send your belongings up in flames!

The More You Know!

Each year, firefighters respond to more than 10,600 house fires caused by candles. That’s an average of 29 per day.

Fire Safety Tips

A romantic Valentine’s day dinner usually involves a mood set by candlelight. But fire safety means never leaving a candle unattended. If the candle is lit, you should be in the room with it. That way, you can act quickly if something goes wrong. Remember to blow them out when you leave. They should also be kept at least a foot away from anything flammable, including flowers. Be wary of candles around children and pets as well. They should be out of reach, and nowhere they can be knocked over by rambunctious kids or animals. Plan ahead and make sure that the kids (with or without fur) are preoccupied elsewhere.

Call TRI

But there are always things that you can’t prepare for. If the worst happens and you do experience a fire this Valentines, contact your local fire department ASAP. They’ll put out the fire, we’ll make sure your home is as glowing as your love for your partner. Just give us a call when you’re in need!