Avoid Frozen Pipes This Spring

It’s Never Too Late For Pipes To Freeze

Winter is nearly over and Spring is right around the corner. All your pipe freezing worries should be over, right? Unfortunately, there are late season pipe freezes. The days might be warmer, but the nights are still cold.  So, when water coming into your house from those underground pipes is colder than it was during the warmer months, causing unnecessary strain on weaker parts of the pipes, it can lead them to freeze and potentially burst.

Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes

  • Install a reliable back-up power source to ensure continuous power to your heating sources which will keep the water in your pipes above freezing.

  • Insulate any vulnerable pipes

  • Install insulation and/or heat trace tape with a reliable power source on various wet sprinkler system piping. This includes main lines coming up from underground passing through a wall as well as sprinkler branch lines.

  • Placing a monitored automatic excess flow switch on the main incoming domestic water line can help provide early detection of any broken pipes or valves 

  • If you’re planning on taking a vacation or being away from home, make sure the temperature of your home is kept at a minimum of 55°F.

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