Keep Yourself Safe And Warm This Holiday Season!

Protect Your Home During Flue Season

It’s that time of the year again. You wake up in the morning and the first thing you can think of is how much warmer it is in bed than outside. The kind of temperatures that call for a fire. After all, what are the holidays without a festive yule log? But, making sure you’re being as safe as possible is always in your best interest when prepping the fireplace. Here are some tips to help keep your home toasty and smoke free this holiday season:

Check Your Flue

Many fireplaces have a vent that allows the smoke to escape that is usually closed when not in use. Making sure that the flue is in the fully open position before starting a fire can prevent a lot of unwanted smoke damage, and prevent a dangerous situation from occurring inside of your home

Christmas Tree Placement And Decoration

We all love to look at our beautifully decorated tree, but placing it too close to the fireplace or any heaters you may use could cause a dangerous fire. Also, the closer we get to Christmas, the dryer the tree will get. Hot Christmas lights on a dry try is another common formula for fire.  Make sure to keep the tree watered and away from potential fire hazards!

Hanging Your Stockings With Care

We all love the festive look of a stocking carefully placed over the fireplace, but make sure that they’re safely away from the heat. Otherwise, you might end up with more than your chestnuts roasting this season!

But there are always things that you can’t prepare for. If the worst happens and you do experience a fire this holiday season, contact your local fire department ASAP. They’ll put out the fire, we’ll make sure your home is as sparkling as fresh snow on Christmas morning. Just give us a call when you’re in need. Please, stay safe this holiday season, and from our family to yours have a wonderful new year!