The FYI On When Not To DIY

Think Twice Before Handling A Restoration Job On Your Own

There are many types of homeowners but two stand out – the ones who call in someone for everything from a lightbulb change to a new deck and the ones that consider themselves handy and for whom every home job is a DIY. But when it comes to restoration, even the most advanced DIY’er shouldn’t try and tackle it without professional help. This is especially true when there is water damage involved.

Below are some reasons that make DIY restoration a potentially bad – and expensive – undertaking.


While you may be a great craftsperson, building a deck or painting on your own time is one thing. Dealing with water damage or other kinds of structural damage is a whole other story when time is of the essence. There is also a cost factor with time away from work while tending to a restoration job that’s probably best left to the pros.

The tools for the job.

Much like having the wrong ingredients for a gourmet meal, having the wrong tools for a restoration job will leave you with disappointing results even if you’re armed with the world’s best YouTube tutorials and intentions. Restoration companies have thousands of hours of experience and access to every tool conceivable for finding the best path to repair or replacement.

Money better spent.

Buying those aforementioned tools for a one-time job is not the best idea and neither is cutting corners. You may find a great quick fix or patch job, but when you go to sell your home, you will have to disclose any previous water or structural damage and a smart inspector and records will show whether the proper steps were taken in restoring your home to its prior condition. Not making a small expenditure now can be a big cost later when selling your home down the road.

Your insurer might be the one to walk away.

While accidents happen – that’s why we all have insurance – claims after a botched cleanup may negate your claim, or worse, may cause you to lose your insurance altogether. Home insurance providers are increasingly concerned with water and flood damage in prone areas and you don’t want to take that chance.

Mold is serious business.

Let’s say you replace drywall and carpet. It looks great. Smells great too. But, there could be hidden mold in your walls and floors. A restoration company knows how to completely eradicate water damage and mold. Mold isn’t just a structural issue – it’s a potential health problem, especially for those who already have allergy or pulmonary issues.

They’re professionals for a reason.

A good restoration company knows how to repair and replace, but they also know how to test for the safety of your electrical system, your air and your water. Why save a few dollars now when it could lead to big money and big problems down the road? When you need a restoration done right, bring in a team who has done it countless times before.

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