The Big Implications of Small Fires

How Small Fires Can Cause Large Headaches For Homeowners

When you think of a house fire, you might think of a big blaze like you read about or see in a show or movie. But the reality is a small fire is much more common. However, even a small fire can create big problems for homeowners. The good news is that a combination of taking the right steps and calling in the right fire remediation and home restoration professionals, can help you avert and minimize that damage.

The source of the fire can be carpet, drapes, even a garbage pail. But despite the source, once the fire is out (remember, it is critical for homeowners to have a working fire extinguisher in the home), you’ll need to get to dealing with the damage right away.

The first thing you’ll want to do is ventilate. Open doors and windows to get clean air in and the bad air out. And do not run your AC until a professional can ensure the system hasn’t been compromised. Additionally, your HVAC can circulate smoky air so again, keep it off.

Next, protect any unaffected but potentially exposed items. Move furniture and other belongings out of harm’s way and into an uncompromised area of your home. You will also want to avoid electrical outlets. Avoid the inclination to unplug devices since wires can be damaged even when that damage is not apparent upon first glance.

If there was any food, whether a bowl of popcorn or your family pet’s water bowl, it’s probably best to discard it.

The best next step is to call in a team of professionals like Total Restoration Industries, who can assess the damage, look for unseen damage like particles, wet smoke deposits, and who can provide a proper cleaning with the right tools and the right deep-cleaning products. They can also use tools like air filtration devices and ULV foggers to remove the smoky smell that can persist. But again, fear not, because with the right team – working alongside your homeowners insurance company – your home will be back to as good as new in no time.

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