Spring Sprung A Leak In Your Spigot?

We Can Fix That!

With the unseasonably warm weather we’re getting this Spring, you may notice water leaking into your basement, and you’re probably fairly concerned. Who wouldn’t be when in just a few minutes water damage can cause tens of thousands of dollars in repair bills? That is why it’s so important for you to put a stop to it as quickly as possible. Not to mention, if you have water coming into your basement, this could lead to the growth of mold and mildew in addition to damaging your walls and floors.

But Why Is It Leaking?

There’s many reasons why a spigot could be leaking. We’ve all dealt with a leaky or dripping kitchen faucet in our lives, the causes can be similar but not as easy to fix. A few reasons your spigot might leak: 

Exposure To Extreme Temperature Changes

Because your spigot is probably exposed to the outside world, there is a chance that it could freeze. Then, as it goes through multiple freeze and thaw cycles, cracks could start to develop in the spigot itself, causing it to eventually leak. -A Loose Nut: Like any decent plumbing system, your spigots will have packing nuts in the stem that are responsible for regulating the flow of water. If one of these nuts has gotten loose, your spigot might have a difficult time aligning properly, which could lead to it leaking.

Washed Down Washer

Of course, if you have nuts, you have to have washers as well to create a seal around the spigot. With all the water passing through it, they will eventually get worn down and need to be replaced, otherwise, you’ll be dealing with more leakage. 

What To Do When You Spot A Leak

While you can go ahead and diagnose leaks yourself, you can only get so far with household tools and a Youtube video filled with ads. And if you accidentally mess up a step while trying to resolve the problem yourself, you could end up doing more damage and make it a much more expensive DIY fix. Plus, you can only assess the damage as far as you can see, there might be more than an untrained eye can’t catch.

The pros at Total Restoration can mitigate any issues you may have and restore it to its former glory. Not to mention that we will work with your insurance provider so you don’t have to! We can help sanitize and ensure the safety of the area. And we'll also check the structural integrity of walls, floors, tiles and help with all the steps necessary to getting your basement back to as good as new.

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