A Good Offense is the Best Defense Against Water Damage.

Water damage can leave your finances all wet and leave your home a mess. All too often, water means mold and mold means an expensive clean up. Every year, tens of thousands of homeowners deal with water damage. But the best way to mitigate water damage is to keep water out of your home in the first place.

Here are some steps every homeowner can take to keep water outside where it belongs.

Check your sump pumps.

Listen to your sub pumps for strange sounds and test them annually to make sure they are functioning. If you can, use a battery backup in the event of an extended power outage.

Review your water bill.

While the last thing we want to do is spend any more time than necessary looking at bills, a sudden spike in your water bill can be indicative of a leak you may not have been aware of.

It could be a toilet, it could be a sink or a pipe leak you weren’t aware of – it can even be a faulty meter. But again, a bigger than usual bill is a good indication you have a leak somewhere in or around the house.

Know how and when to turn off your water main.

The fastest and easiest way to minimize water damage is to quickly turn it off. Turning that water main off can prevent hundreds or thousands of gallons of water getting in your house.

Caulking is cheap and easy. Check window sealings, bathtubs, showers and kitchen areas to make sure the caulk is not cracking or peeling – it’s a fast and easy way to keep water outside where it belongs.

While we are always there to help if your home takes on water damage, prevention is the best way to ensure it never happens in the first place.

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