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Frequently Asked Questions

When I’m experiencing a water damage emergency, who do I call first, TRI or Insurance?

At the first sign of flood or water damage, ensure your and your family’s safety, then call TRI as soon as possible. We will dispatch one of our professional water mitigation specialists to assess the damage to your home or property, and advise you on the decision of whether a claim should be submitted or not.

What is the water damage remediation process?

We will get to work immediately extracting standing water, and carefully removing any water damaged building materials such as sheetrock, carpet, and insulation. Antimicrobial treatment will be applied and state of the art drying equipment will be installed in order to ensure prevention of long term water or mold damage to your home.

What certifications does TRI have?

Total Restoration Industries is an IICRC certified firm in the fields of water and mold remediation

How much will the water remediation process cost?

While remediation costs vary greatly, we have a long-standing record of reaching an agreed price with your insurance company for our services, which typically results in zero out of pocket cost to you for our remediation services

What are the signs of water damage?

When you have experienced water damage in your home or property, you might see evidence in a few ways. You might see dark or yellowing discoloration in the ceiling or walls. Drywall and paint might begin to crack, flake, or bubble. In some obvious cases, you will see water pooling or puddles forming. Smell and sound are also useful in detecting water damage: you might hear water running in places it shouldn’t be running or detect the typical musty odor typical of mold. Another tell-tale sign that you have undiscovered water damage or leak: your utility bill might see a spike.

What can happen if water damage is not remediated properly?

Water damaged left unchecked can often result in mold growth, which can have negative affects on health, and require a costly mold remediation that is often not covered by your homeowner’s insurance! So never delay in calling Total Restoration immediately upon discovery of water damage!

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