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When I’m experiencing a fire damage emergency, who do I call first, TRI or Insurance?

After the fire has been put out and your family is safe, call TRI so we can help as soon as possible to assess the fire, soot, and smoke damage done to your property. Be sure to avoid damaged structures or going inside your home. One of our trained professionals will be immediately dispatched to your home or property and help guide you through the decision of submitting an insurance claim.

What is the fire damage restoration process?

Call TRI and one of our mitigation specialists will assess the damage to your property. Loose debris and standing water will be removed first. Smoke damaged building materials such as sheetrock and carpet will either be cleaned or removed based on the severity of the damage. If water was used to extinguish the fire, we will remove any water damaged building materials and install state of the art drying equipment in order to prevent long term water or mold growth. HEPA air filtration machines will be installed to remove and harmful contaminates from the air and make your home safe to return to once again.

How long will the remediation process take?

This is entirely dependent on the size and scope of the fire damage. We know time is of the essence to return to normal, however a thorough job is required to ensure your home will be safe for you and your family. We promise to work as quickly as possible to return you and your family’s sense of normalcy.

What certifications does TRI have?

Total Restoration Industries is an IICRC certified firm in the fields of water and mold remediation

How much will the fire remediation process cost?

While remediation costs vary greatly, we have a long-standing record of reaching an agreed price with your insurance company for our services, which typically results in zero out of pocket cost to you for our remediation services

What are the signs of fire or smoke damage?

After a fire, you might see charring, soot or smoke staining on walls, ceilings or other flat surfaces. You might also find signs of corrosion on household metal hardware. Household fabrics, carpeting, or curtains might also show staining from fire or smoke damage.

What are common effects of fire damage?

Aside from superficial staining and smells, fire damage can affect the integrity and air quality of your home. This is why it is important to get a professional restoration company like Total Restoration, Inc. to assess the damage and properly clean and restore your property.

What can happen if fire damage is not remediated properly?

It is very important that a qualified fire damage restoration company like Total Restoration Industries performs the clean-up and restoration process after a fire. We have the expertise and equipment necessary thoroughly restore your property. If it is not remediated properly, you might experience structural damage and further safety issues.

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